Yun Express Tracking

To track Yun Express you need to enter your AWB Number / Tracking number / Ref Number into the input box and press the tracking button. Please note that is in not way associated to any of the tracking services listed in our website.

About Yun Express

Cloud passers Logistics ( YunExpress) is China's leading cross-border B2C business line logistics service provider, is committed to being the world's leading logistics service providers. Now in mainland China has 20 company-owned offices and 15 in the world has a set of goods transit center in the world with 1000 the number of professional logistics service personnel, average daily package orders reach a 5 0 of more than ten thousand . Its core product cross-border B2C commercial line covers Europe and the United States, with a wide range of services, sufficient space, clear and traceable track, and high cost performance. The company adheres to customer-centricity, meets the logistics needs of more cross-border e-commerce , and creates value for cross-border industries. Yuntu Logistics adheres to the attitude of not forgetting the initial intention and helps more outstanding Chinese companies to go global.

Customer Service

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0755-89356329

3rd Floor, Block D, 
Donghaiwang Building, No. 369, 
Bulong Road, Bantian Street, 
Longgang District, Shenzhen