Kindersley Tracking

To track Kindersley Transport you need to enter your AWB Number / Tracking number / Ref Number into the input box and press the tracking button. Please note that is in not way associated to any of the tracking services listed in our website.

About Kindersley Transport Ltd.

Kindersley Transport Ltd. is an exclusive transportation organization giving truckload and not exactly truckload benefit all through North America. Their business was based more than fTheir decades on a notoriety for giving imaginative, solid and financially savvy transportation. Their main goal is to meet or surpass clients' desires constantly. We endeavor to take in Their clients' requirements and give the individuals, hardware and innovation to meet them. Inventive Transportation Solutions for More Than 50 Years. Full scope of administration including not exactly truckload, truckload and intermodal all through North America Facilitated truckload and not exactly truckload Warmed and refrigerated administrations accessible Satellite burden following and electronic rating for slip free charging. Warehousing and dissemination benefits all through Canada - warmed and refrigerated

Customer Service

Website :

Less Than Truckload:
Canada:    1-800-667-8556
Truckload: Call: 1-800-667-1138

U.S: 1-800-667-8556

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